Five Challenging Dart Games
That Will Keep You Practicing.

The trick to practicing darts is keeping it interesting. So you're not just aimlessly throwing darts at a dart board. Here are five great dart games that can make dart practice fun again.

Dart game: 80 shot
How many times out of ten can you score 80 points with three darts? There are many different ways to do it, but it can be more challenging than you imagine. Keep track of your scores: Beginners 3, Average 5, Expert 9+.

Dart game: Five Shots
A great ’01 practice game for an individual as well as a large group, each person takes five throws to accumulate as many points as possible. The winner has the most points. When practicing alone keep the total score for each throw, add all five throws together and divide by five – that will give you your average score. Keep track of your average score over the course of one month and you should see it increase.

Dart game: Pinpoint Accuracy
For players of all skill levels, this game works on becoming reliable at hitting what you are shooting at. Start off shooting for the single area of each black number. Give yourself one point for each hit and subtract a point for each miss. Keep practicing until you can score 8 or more points and then shoot for the double area for each black number. And after that shoot for the triple.

Dart game: Flim Flam
A great group game as well as an invaluable Cricket practice game, everyone starts with 40 points and the objective is to score as many points as possible. You start at bull’s eye and work your way up from 15s to 20s, throwing only three darts per number, per round. But there’s one catch. You have to shoot for doubles in round three and triples in round six. Any number's double or triple will work. Every time a player misses on all three darts that player's point total is cut in half. And yes, you can end up with a negative total. When you practice alone you should try to achieve 500+ points.

Dart game: 21 points
This is a great practice game because you can play it alone as well as against competitors. Similar to standard Cricket, you shoot for 20-15 and the bull’s-eye. However, you only get three darts on each number to shoot as many of that number as possible. You start on 20s and work your way down to bull’s-eye. Darts only count for the number you are shooting at – no slop counts. The objective is to hit at least three of each number (7 total numbers), totaling 21 points. Anything over 29 is considered expert throwing.

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